In my work as a facilitator my intent is to create spaces of trust to encourage honest and transparent processes to unfold.
My focus lies on designing and co-creating approaches that serve the individual and the group as well as the larger context.
Specifically my attention goes to sensing into and developing a respectful understanding for the underlying patterns within each system.
This allows for spaces to widen such that connections and shared visions emerge and genuine actions are implemented.

It is a journey to deepen our ability for cultivating inner and outer sustainability and resilience and to apply it in our daily life.

Coaching and Healing

Silence and awareness increase by creating space to listen together gently to the story and needs of one’s system.
Through silence the present movements and the inner re-alignment of a body, family or land system can be perceived, received and encouraged.
Thereby unfolding towards a more authentic and healthy being.

Organisation and Community Development

An important emphasis in my work is to establish healthy relationships within us, teams & families, communities, cultures and environments.
This allows growth beyond the known and to step into a shared responsibility for this exciting and challenging time we
live in.
Close to my heart is guiding and going through times of individual and collective transition.
It invites the inherent potential of the whole to emerge and to create environments where holistic attitudes can be deepened and re-connected to our daily lives.

"The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervener" Bill O'Brien

Work Areas and Networks

GEN International
Member and Ambassador of the Global Ecovillage Network.
Member of Fo.am, a cultural laboratory re-imagining possible futures at the interstices of art, science, nature and everyday life.
Windharvest International
Member of the strategy synthesis group of WHI, a company focusing on renewable wind energy and healthy business.
Dragon Dreaming
Trainer of Dragon Dreaming, a method for collaborative project design.


Luea has studied Art and has worked internationally as an art curator co-founding and leading different festivals and transdisciplinary projects.
Next to her work in the art sector she has worked in the areas of health care, community building, culture development and renewable energy over the past years.
She is a trained craniosacral therapist and systemic constellator.
As a consultant and trainer working in divers sectors, she is integrating different approaches from change and integral process work, (incl. Dragon Dreaming, Theory U, Systemic Work) as well as alternative and indigenous healing practices.
She is inspired to co-create a conscious environment, where the whole can unfold serenely through prototyping an interconnected way forward for our societal system and life.


Luea Ritter
+32 479 21 42 95
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